head is still ringing
rusty pitched squealing
sharp jabbing daggers
bloodshot eyes piercing
webbed and nauseated
confused at times
dizzy rooms spinning
broken funhouse reflections
scattered stars circling
all the shards twinkling
brightly glowing and growing
and head is still ringing
its rusty nailed pitched squealing
sharp slash and jab daggers
slashing and jabbing
blood webbed pierced eyes
both confused and nauseated
rooms dizzying while they are spinning
broken funhouse mirrors
lay scattered and strewn
all over the floor of this circling room
such stars
these shards
twinkling around my head
brightly glowing
brightly growing
the ringing is all that is here.

land of the free

to witness a republic crumble

chirping birds while typing stumble

toddler holding his once bitten apple

cocky daffodil leaps off his steeple

public hangings of teachers and officials

stall doors slam stamped confidential

carved inked walls tag graffiti oiled essential

toilet paper perforated scripture policy

flushed into alleys of moscow misery

painted postage required brides sleep

secrets pass by balloon’s twisted sheep

“herded nuns!” stone shepherd shrieks

from atop a toadstool his trip now leaks

light trails

               light trails

zigging their way through there zagging

look to the mirror

mirror is sagging

               off three rusty nails

twilight’s crucifixion

crescent moon’s constant rejection

war with a blue star crimson stained

               and splattered

stone tossed to live ammunition’s pain

               flag limp and tattered

jumbo planes recline and missile splatters

walls rise up and all borders close

mother’s eyes sweating hungry blows

innocence wastes within swollen holes

and to this the children melt away

upon fresh snow of another news day

across channels fingers frolic and flip

rotten tomatoes say this nation slipped

on black ice the protest takes a knee

country cracked beyond land of the free



wow! that was fast
and how strange this email finds
like tussionex-eyed whispers
just moments before breath
taking boom of voice
black tap danced lines
upon glow of snow globe screens
then in the end
you gave great defense
and so our tree shall divide
reflections of perception
falls blossoms in spiraling satin
draping veiled sleeping eyes
cracked was the boulder
empty was the cave
two koi fish chase each other’s tails
water spinning and rippling
splashing, sputtering, crying
from fractured stones
two droplets of water
chef lee’s chinese restaurant fish pond
stories imagination diamonds
reflections of perception
falls blossoms in spiraling satin
draping veiled sleeping eyes
marijuana of my masses



Suicidal Sufis

Lob rocks and rockets and body parts.

Nazi Rabbis wailing at a stollen wall.

Muhammad’s children gasp for air.

Christ’s blood now a flood of fear.

One Nation under Godless men watch your churches crumble.

Ganesha pops chakra colored pimples

And has fled the broken caste

To find forgotten Brahma.

Pagans resurrecting pagans with Ouija boards

Phallic wands and crystal balls

Tarot cards and skyclad seasonal parties

Pulling fluffy bunnies from hats while Heathens choke

Down the seed of mental patients.

No cash, no credit, no problem!

No time, no faith, no need!

No souls.

No spirits.

Too much Self-plastering Holy gimmicks

Ejaculated on faceless mindless sheep

Licking your -ism as they drip

From your rosey palm of creation.

Celestial beings gaze your sarcastic eyes upon this mockery:


to tears

to pity

to laughter

All gods are dead and dying.

Your religions of atomic bombs and -isms, too many -isms!

Greenhouse flatulence

Eating away at Heaven’s curtain

Spewed forth by Your leaders’

Their mouth to Your -ism.

Their hands around Your -ism.

Temples desecrated

Under self-righteous fecal matter,

Holy words and excrement!

Cosmic, Heavenly abortion

Man was dead at birth

Created in Your image.